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I’m happy for Dirk but it’s more than that: he’s teaching us how to live

I remember quite vividly watching that series in 2007 between the Mavs and the Warriors.  The “We Believe” Warriors, led by a rejuvenated Baron Davis, upset the Mavs.  The Warriors were an eight seed by the way.  It was a new low for Dallas and especially Dirk Nowitzki.

I vividly remember watching the clinching game in almost complete shock.  I was in my college dorm/apartment watching it with a few others.  I think someone asked, “Man, what the hell happened to Dirk?”

I stammered.  “I….I don’t know, man.”  As shocking as blowing the ‘06 Finals to Miami was, this felt even worse.  They were losing to Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson.  Dirk has always been a favorite of mine and it was difficult to see.  Remember he was the MVP in ‘07 which turned out to be arguably the most hollow MVP award handed out, with Dirk attending that press conference after suffering the 1 vs. 8 seed loss already.

Last night, Dirk completed his journey back to the top.  It’s not easy to respond to adversity.  After ‘07 I just assumed Dirk wouldn’t get a chance again.  But he kept working.  He actually improved immensely, working on that shot, getting to the line more, those ridiculous body contortion shots, etc.  He improved to the point where he could have this run in the 2011 playoffs, which was just absurd.  We were shaking our heads Dirk, and that’s a good thing.

Overcoming this adversity made this title feel extra sweet for Dirk I’m sure.  But it also made me feel even more happy for the guy.  Everyone else is probably just glad the Heat lost, since that lot is treated like a gang of thugs for some reason.

Me, I think it’s an inspirational tale.  You want to pick yourself up off the mat?  You want something in life?  You’ve gotta earn it, work hard, and then harder some more. 

I should write that down sometime, for the next time I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to do my daily cardio workouts.

"It’s nice to be affectionate to something German.  You don’t get the opportunity that often." - Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm

How I would conduct an interview for the Knicks GM position

  • Me:: Is your name Isiah Thomas?

  • Candidate:: No.

  • Me:: Will you ever hire Mark Jackson as a coach?

  • Candidate:: No.

  • Me:: You're hired!

Well, well, well - look who it is

Now that the first eight games of the knockout round are complete we can come up with some reasonable power ratings for the World Baksetball Championship. For example, USA is 30.11 points better than average; 21.74 points better than average on offense and 8.37 points better than average on defense. Running through the final round of 8 teams 10,000 times USA wins 85% of the time, Turkey 13% and the other six teams a total of 6% of the time.

A US-Turkey finals would be bananas.  The US is always the Goliath as it is but playing the home team would add another element.

Click through for the entire list of ratings.  One thing that stands out: Spain, my pre-tourney pick, has disappointed.

(Yesterday) was really the first time I’ve thought about being away from home as long as I have. The reason is because they have been treating us so well ever since we left. We have a chef from Detroit who makes us some great stuff, we have a Nike suite that we all hang out in after games. All the guys on the team have gotten along really well so it doesn’t seem so much like we’re so far away from home, it’s more like a long road trip in the NBA. There really can be no complaints. In Greece, the food was just OK, but in Spain we found restaurants that we liked and all is cool here.

Training camp is right around the corner, and it’s going to be a busy few weeks for me before then. Hopefully, we’ll get where we want to here and win the gold medal. Then, when we land in New York, I’m gonna try to go to a Jay-Z concert at Yankee Stadium. Then I have to go to Chicago and Los Angeles to get my stuff together and get it shipped to Philadelphia. I also have an event in New York and an event in Philly before training camp starts.

Andre Iguodola writes about being away from home at the FIBA World Championship

The Greece and Serbian basketball teams clearly aren’t familiar with the term “friendly.”

Also, Nenad Kristic fights like a woman.

Josh Smith’s walkoff dunk.  Not boxing him out is probably less than ideal.

Jason Richardson misses game tying dunk in the final minute of the game.


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What I’ve been reading today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • I love Rashida Jones so it seemed appropriate to congratulate her for being named today’s Maxim girl of the day, whatever that means.  She is in the new Kevin Smith movie Cop Out unfortunately, which is getting horrific reviews.  But you should be watching her on the great NBC show, Parks and Recreation, which will return after the Olympic break.  Just so you know.  [Maxim]
  • It looks like the producers are being punished by the Academy for sending out e-mails encouraging colleagues to vote for the film to win the Best Picture Oscar this year.  Will this affect the film’s chances?  Probably not since most of the ballots were probably delivered by now.  [The Envelope]
  • More proof that the IOC is no fun: they are investigating the Canadian women’s hockey team and their gold medal winning celebration.  [Yahoo]
  • Speaking of women’s hockey, there is also chatter of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League exploring a partnership with the NHL.  [Fourth Place Medal]
  • I love curling and you love curling.  We know this.  But apparently it has become very popular on Wall Street as something to watch while unwinding after the closing bell.  We know these people watch CNBC.  [NY Times]
  • The Grizzlies have sent rookie center Hasheem Thabeet to the D-League after he lost the backup center job on the team to Hamed Haddadi.  The #2 draft pick is the highest draft pick to be relegated to the D-League.  My original projection of Thabeet being Samuel Dalembert might have been a bit too generous.  [Ridiculous Upside]
  • Angelina Jolie has turned down the chance to make Wanted 2.  Why is this great news?  Because she has now agreed to star in a space thriller made by the fantastic director of Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron.  [NY Mag]
  • Jaguars fans are demonstrating just how much they want their team to draft Tim Tebow.  [Sporting Blog]
  • The eight stages of beer drinking.  [Guyism]

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