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Finally went to go see Midnight in Paris last night.  Shockingly, I went to go see it with my parents, the second film I’ve seen with them in the last 12 months (Secretariat).

Jesus, Marion Cotillard (above).

It’s probably unfair that when seeing Midnight in Paris, I’m reminded of The Purple Rose of Cairo, another Woody fantasy film of sorts.  It’s unfair because of how brilliant Purple Rose is.  It actually resides in my top 5 Woody movies:

  1. Crimes and Misdemeanors
  2. Annie Hall
  3. Manhattan
  4. The Purple Rose of Cairo
  5. Bullets Over Broadway

Oh well.  Midnight Paris is good and enjoyable.  Just don’t expect it to blow you away, like Purple Rose probably did.

I’m not saying that surprise endings aren’t amazing and powerful, and that the culture of spoiling them doesn’t suck," notes Kyle Killen, creator of the short-lived Fox drama Lone Star and the Mel Gibson vehicle The Beaver. "I’m simply saying that if your whole premise is so dependent on a ‘punch line’ that having it get out would tank the story, then the story itself probably needs examination. The Sixth Sense ultimately works because it’s a good movie even after you know the twist — [it has] solid story, character, and emotion, all before we get to the reveal. It’s when your story is nothing more than a twist-delivery mechanism that you run into trouble.

Klosterman on how spoilers might be changing screenwriting.  Kyle Killen!  Yay Lone Star!  Interesting stuff here.

Maybe some of these points illustrate why Catfish was so refreshing, a big rely on a twist film.

Verily, the planet is on the cusp of an incredible 3D revolution and we should all be excited! But I’m not. To hell with 3D. If I could change one thing about the cinema-going experience – other than shooting bloody Pearl & Dean into the sun – it would be to watch every blockbuster in IMAX. That would be a genuine improvement.

3D is just another gimmick, right down there with Smell-O-Vision, electric shocks coming through the seat, vibrating cinema chairs and, of course, the last 17 times that the industry has tried to make 3D into the Next Big Thing. And we still don’t need it. I’ve never, ever seen a 3D movie that so much as breathed softly on my socks, never mind blew them off.

Why 3D TV is just a pointless gimmick

I don’t remember who said it, but the quote is “A great 2D movie is 3D.”  That sounds about right.  And you’re not going to keep ripping me off to see a movie in 3D.  It’s just not that much of a draw.

For years we closed with, “The balcony is closed.” Before that it was, “See you at the movies.” That’s the right note to end on.

Roger Ebert discusses the cancellation of At the Movies

I stared with glazed eyes at “The Bounty Hunter.” Here is a film with no need to exist.

Roger Ebert

New Movie Gimmick: An interactive horror film.

Each caller creates a different film!  Haha.

via /Film

What I’ve been reading today

  • Ranking the top female professional golfers based on their “talents.”  [Bleacher Report]
  • Some of the reasons why Avatar may have fallen short to the Hurt Locker.  [Time]
  • 10 things Hollywood learned this Oscar season.  [Hitfix]
  • That Steven Stankos guy is pretty good.  [Puck Daddy]
  • College basketball conferences are cutting back on the gifts that they hand out during the conference tournaments.  As always, blame it on the economy.  [Sports Business Journal]
  • NHL GMs to recommend banning blindside hits to the head.  [Globe & Mail]
  • The Oregon football program is looking for a babysitter (according to a Craigslist ad, lol).  This can’t be an easy job to perform.  If this is going to be your first babysitting gig, you could be in over your head.  [Buster Sports]
  • Five ways that you can use Google Wave for business purposes.  [Mashable]

What I’ve been reading today

  • Your favorite babes from the Oscars.  [Guyism]
  • A recap of the Oscars, which turned out to be Kathryn Bigelow’s night.  []
  • This year’s Oscars were the highest rated since 2005, a 15% increase from last year.  This pretty much guarantees that they’ll keep the same 10 picture format for the best picture category.  [The Wrap]
  • A very interesting read on an under the radar issue in college basketball.  One of the biggest advanatge a home team gets these days is playing with a brand of basketballs that they are familiar with.  Sounds crazy right?  But home teams get to choose which type of balls to play with as there is no one brand that is required to be used by all teams.  I love this line: ” But honestly, is it crazy to suggest that the Sterling ball could be a factor, however small, in Wisconsin’s 135-11 home record during Ryan’s tenure?”  Hmm.  [The Quad]
  • Tumblr continues to grow and hit major milestones.  They also plan to roll out revenue generating features sometime soon.  [Mashable]
  • A breakdown by the numbers of this week’s Big East Tournament.  [Basketball Prospectus]
  • Check out more than 100 new photos from one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Iron Man 2.  [/Film]

What I’ve been reading today

  • The 10 sexiest catfights in movie history.  [Manofest]
  • Answering all the important questions you may have about the NFL’s uncapped year in 2010.  [Pro Football Talk]
  • Giving grades to all 30 teams based on what they did at the NHL trade deadline.  Good read.  I personally love what Washington did, filling the few gaps that they had left.  [Puck Daddy]
  • A shift to 3D TV broadcasts could very well begin with college football.  And the people who have seen it already have enjoyed it.  [SI]
  • First the 76ers released him.  Now Allen Iverson’s wife is filing for divorce.  [Sports by Brooks]
  • Movie stars aren’t seeing as much cash thrown their way as they used to.  [NY Times]
  • Google exec believes desktop computers will be irrelevant in three years.  [Yahoo]

What I’ve been reading today

  • Marisa Miller graces the cover of Vegas Magazine.  Not sure why Vegas would need a magazine but whatever.  [Don Chavez]
  • What The Hurt Locker hopes to overcome: become the first war movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture in 25 years.  It hasn’t been done often and the film is going up against the most financially successful movie ever.  This will be a tall order.  [The Big Picture]
  • Meanwhile, The Hurt Locker has sure faced its fair share of controversy.  [/Film]
  • NBA Champions have a history of being somewhat dominant home teams.  The Celtics, so far, have not been that this year.  [Celtics Hub]
  • Twitter speeding towards 10 billion tweets.  [Mashable]
  • New Bluray releases this week that I’m looking forward to seeing: 2012 and Where the Wild Things Are.  [IMDb]

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