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Killer Foursquare tip, dude.

Too sad about Donne Walsh right now, so here is Fred Funk taunting a goose with his putter.

I was at my aunt’s house on Sunday for a small family dinner. My dad and uncle are into golf of course, so the Masters were on the TV most of the afternoon. Tiger was making his charge on Sunday during the front nine, and Augusta was pretty loud. My aunt happened to ask the question if many people are actually rooting for Tiger nowadays. I responded, “Well, Augusta definitely is.”

Why? “Well, they don’t really like women,” I said, implying that the good ole boys of Augusta aren’t really all that sensitive. It’s one place where progress hasn’t been particularly fast. Oh how prophetic that turned out to be.


Devil Ball Golf: “Stolen” car ends up in sand trap; penalty is more than two strokes

What I’ve been reading today

  • Ranking the top female professional golfers based on their “talents.”  [Bleacher Report]
  • Some of the reasons why Avatar may have fallen short to the Hurt Locker.  [Time]
  • 10 things Hollywood learned this Oscar season.  [Hitfix]
  • That Steven Stankos guy is pretty good.  [Puck Daddy]
  • College basketball conferences are cutting back on the gifts that they hand out during the conference tournaments.  As always, blame it on the economy.  [Sports Business Journal]
  • NHL GMs to recommend banning blindside hits to the head.  [Globe & Mail]
  • The Oregon football program is looking for a babysitter (according to a Craigslist ad, lol).  This can’t be an easy job to perform.  If this is going to be your first babysitting gig, you could be in over your head.  [Buster Sports]
  • Five ways that you can use Google Wave for business purposes.  [Mashable]

What I’ve been reading today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • A little list of the hotties of Curling.  No, seriously.  [Bleacher Report]
  • Why the Cavs could be in a real rough spot if LeBron James decides to move elsewhere this summer.  [NBA FanHouse]
  • There was a successful HGH test in the world of sports today.  That would be the first time that has happened.  The sport it happened in was rugby and that player was suspended.  What that means for the major sports going forward remains to be seen.  [ESPN]
  • ESPN has suspended Tony Kornheiser for his recent remarks about fellow colleague Hannah Storm.  [SportsByBrooks]
  • The top 30 Oscar Best Picture winners that guys should watch.  In spirit of the fact that a bro friendly movie is likely to win this year.  [BroBible]
  • For those of you that have trouble differentiating between your Kevin Martins.  [Fourth Place Medal]
  • A sequel to Happy Feet is on the way.  Yeah, I’m excited.  [What’s Playing]
  • UConn has had some big wins recently included those over highly ranked Villanova and West Virginia.  It looks like they have rallied and played themselves off of the bubble.  [College Basketball Nation]

What I’ve been reading today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • See Michelle Williams and the other stars that lined up for the Shutter Island premiere.  The movie opens today.  [Yahoo Movies]
  • Myron Rolle was a star safety for the Florida State football team that graduated in three years and earned himself the honor of becoming a Rhodes Scholar.  He is extremely bright and has dreams that include the NFL but are not limited to that.  Wright Thompson wrote a great piece of what life is like for Rolle at Oxford and some of the pressures that come with it.  Needless to say, this is a special kid.  I feel bad for the people who don’t read this.  [ESPN/Outside the Lines]
  • FanHouse’s NBA GM Swagger Index.  This is fantastic.  [NBA FanHouse]
  • Two of the only likeable Red Sox fans on the planet (Sorry, Boston) have plans to star in a film as two Yankees from the 70s.  You know, the ones who swapped wives.  [Big League Stew]
  • Unintentional comedy tweet of the day: “Wes Craven will start shooting Scream 4 in May, the first of a proposed new trilogy. Are you ready for another Scream?”  Yeah, no more Scream please?  Thanks.  [At the Movies]
  • The NBA teams who have cap space in 2010 and how much exactly.  [TrueHoop]
  • I know, I know.  Today was Tiger day.  I don’t really care about that whole mess but here is one link.  This piece is one that is pretty much spot on.  Remember kids, Tiger is not your friend.  [SB Nation]

Top Clicks: Thursday

  • Will the iPad eat your TV? [The Guardian]
  • Has Tonight Show battle permanently wounded Leno? [CTV News]
  • Ugly Betty gets cancelled….finally. [Sky News]
  • After that Tiger mess, golf is in uncertain times.  Is Phil Mickelson ready to step up and be the guy? [Telegraph]
  • 'But actually you can run barefoot on the world's hardest surfaces without the slightest discomfort and pain. It might be less injurious than the way some people run in shoes.'  Um…ok. [Sify News]

SNL: A message from the PGA Tour

New Nike statement: “Nike supports Tiger and his family. Our relationship remains unchanged.”


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