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  • The 10 sexiest catfights in movie history.  [Manofest]
  • Answering all the important questions you may have about the NFL’s uncapped year in 2010.  [Pro Football Talk]
  • Giving grades to all 30 teams based on what they did at the NHL trade deadline.  Good read.  I personally love what Washington did, filling the few gaps that they had left.  [Puck Daddy]
  • A shift to 3D TV broadcasts could very well begin with college football.  And the people who have seen it already have enjoyed it.  [SI]
  • First the 76ers released him.  Now Allen Iverson’s wife is filing for divorce.  [Sports by Brooks]
  • Movie stars aren’t seeing as much cash thrown their way as they used to.  [NY Times]
  • Google exec believes desktop computers will be irrelevant in three years.  [Yahoo]

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