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  • Scarlett Johansson was up for sale and it only cost the winner $5,100.  [FHM]
  • A great breakdown of how NBA teams defend at the rim using rim FG% along with fouling rates.  Very informative stuff here.  Also gives you a way of quantifying just how valuable Dwight Howard is.  The Dwight Howard for MVP stuff can’t really be quantified in a box score.  [Hardwood Paroxysm]
  • Rappers + Great works of art = Amazing.  [EDSBS]
  • The first major NFL free agent signing of the offseason is…Nate Burleson?  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Pro Football Talk pretty much sums it up: “In case the “wow” didn’t make it clear, we think that’s an awful contract for Detroit.”  [PFT]
  • A review of the two newest basketball documentaries: Magic vs. Bird and Winning Time.  [Sepinwall on TV]
  • Back in 2001, someone actually recorded a 31 trillion, the longest trillion ever recorded.  Amazing.  [College Basketball Nation]
  • The best comedy series on television just got better: Adam Scott to join the cast of Parks and Recreation.  [Variety]
  • How much are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn worth exactly?  [Mashable]
  • The iPad will be on sale April 3rd and available for preorder on March 12th.  [Washington Post]
  • Scientists confirm that the dinosaurs got got by an asteroid.  Glad we got that settled.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

Three words: LeBron, holy cow.

Doc Rivers keeps it real

via The Boston Globe » Rivers won’t go with flow:

They were words spoken when a team loses a game it should have won, and after blowing an 11-point halftime lead to the Magic yesterday at home, someone in the Celtics’ locker room said them.

We’re better than Orlando.’’

Coach Doc Rivers wouldn’t let anyone in the room believe that.

Not after Orlando had outscored the Celtics, 36-11, in the third quarter, not after Boston had let Matt Barnes, Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, and Mickael Pietrus combine for 10 3-pointers, not after the Celtics lost the season series to Orlando.

“No, you’re not,’’ Rivers said. “That’s a bunch of [expletive].’’

The Magic were better than the Celtics in the third quarter (when they shot 12 of 17 and held the Celtics to 4 for 14) the same way they were last month when they outscored the Celtics, 35-22, in the fourth quarter and put them to bed on a last-second layup by Lewis.

“They beat you three games,’’ Rivers said. “Two at your place. They’re better.’’

Kudos to Doc here.  I don’t think there is anybody who watches a lot of NBA basketball that wouldn’t agree with his thoughts here.  The Celtics have been owned by the three other elite teams in the Eastern Conference and they are struggling.  Not that they don’t have the talent to turn things around, but it’s not exactly the time that they should be pounding their chest about how awesome they are.

I know you want you’re team to be confident and all, but there is a fine line between that and being cocky.  The Celtics looked old and the Magic looked like a team that is very deep.  That’s the main thing to be taken from the game on Sunday.

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The stories people are talking about as you wake up….

  • What app developers are saying about the iPad.  Yes people are still talking about it.  [WSJ]
  • Conan’s Tonight Show finale drew his highest rating.  Not a surprise with all the bandwagon Team Conan stuff that took place.  [LA Times]
  • JD Salinger: An enigma to the very end [USA Today]
  • Japan’s Fujitsu claims they made first iPad in 2002.  [AFP]
  • Mel Gibson explains why he took an acting sabbatical and why it’s good to be back.  [MTV]
  • Celtics and Magic play a competitive and important game, yet both show their age and flaws.  [ESPN]
  • Conversations about an Avatar sequel.  [MTV]

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