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Jack White - Sixteen Saltines

It’s a White Wednesday.

I can’t tell if my favorite part of the Fallon/Roots version of Call Me Maybe are the kazoos or the xylophone.

In honor of the release of Blow Your Pants Off, I’m listening to Tebowie.

Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

Now playing.

Pumped Up Kicks, Lollapalooza edition. Its cute that people are listening to this jam now, when the cool kids were doing it eight months ago.

How you know dubstep is getting big: even trannies are doing it now.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s embarrassing that I like The Sounds’ Something to Die For, but this remix of the song is cool too.

"Feels Like Rain" by John Hiatt

As featured on tonight’s episode of Treme.  Not bad, huh?

This isn’t working, so just go here.

Kristen Bell and Yeasayer team up for a music video that is a tad….odd.

Yet strangely good.  I don’t know.

Matthew Wilkening of AOL Radio Blog says this is the worst album cover of 2010.  I can’t dispute that.

Check out the rest of his top ten here.  Plenty of awfulness to go around.

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