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Bummed but not pissed off about the Netflix price jump

The interwebs set ablaze yesterday at the announcement that Netflix would be raising its prices by 60%.  As laid out by Industry Leaders Magazine, the hike comes for two reasons: to create enough revenue to deal with the escalating costs of negotitating streaming deals with the studios, coupled with generating revenue on the DVD only plans which seem surprisingly in demand.

The $7.99 streaming only deal will now be separate and it will cost another $7.99 to get the 1 DVD only plan added on, and $11.99 for 2 DVDs.

For me personally, I have the streaming/2 DVDs plan with the Bluray option (Bluray comes for a couple bucks extra/month).  My fee will jump roughly $5/month. 

But when I look at it, it’s still a great value.  I like to watch old TV shows I’ve missed out on.  I’m currently into The West Wing and The Larry Sanders Show.  What’s my alternative exactly?  The West Wing runs at $50 a pop (per season) on iTunes.  I could just buy the box set but that would be expensive too. 

It’s understandable why the hike was introduced and is ultimately not a deal breaker for me.  Plus if it brings better streaming content on board, that would be cool too.

Random Netflix Streaming Pick of the Week

A selection I’d vouch for, for those of you with Netflix and its Watch Instantly goodness.

Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop

The synopsis from Netflix (though I wouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen it):

Amateur filmmaker Thierry Guetta’s project to chronicle the underground world of street art takes a fascinating twist when he meets Banksy, an elusive British stencil artist, in this Oscar-nominated documentary. Unimpressed with Guetta’s footage, Banksy takes over filmmaking duties while Guetta reinvents himself as a street artist and — much to Banksy’s surprise — immediately becomes a darling of the Los Angeles art scene.

Duh duh duh.

Only my favorite movie since Up in the Air.  No big deal.


Big Deal of the Day: The Criterion Collection today announced that it has partnered with Hulu to make 150 of their titles available for instant streaming through Hulu Plus — a number that’s expected to climb rapidly.

From the official announcement:

Starting today, there are more than 150 of our most important films online on the Hulu Plus subscription service. Over the coming months, that number will swell to more than 800 films. For the true cinephile, this should be a dream come true. On Hulu Plus, you’ll find everything in our library, from Academy Award winners to many of the most famous films by art-house superstars like Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, and Federico Fellini to films so rare that they have never been seen in the U.S. in any medium.

At $7.99 a month, Hulu Plus still doesn’t seem to make sense to a lot of people (mostly because the all-too-familiar ads don’t go away), but with the addition of such Criterion Collection classics as Yojimbo, The 400 Blows, and I Was a Teenage Zombie, perhaps a serious reconsideration is in order.


At least it’s something to think about now.  Though I’ll probably just stay with Netflix at the moment.

If you instantly watch movies and TV shows from on your PS3, here is the news you’ve been waiting for: starting Monday, October 18 you’ll be able to instantly watch movies and TV shows without inserting an instant streaming disc into your console.

In addition to eliminating the disc, there is a new user interface that brings a much richer and faster browsing experience, content search directly on the device, and dramatic improvements in how fast playback starts.

PlayStation Blog

Woot, I’ll take it.

What I’ve Been Reading Today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • News of the day that will annoy my mom: ESPN’s Erin Andrews will join the next edition of Dancing With the Stars.  So much for keeping a low profile.  [Awful Announcing]
  • The must read of the day: great story involving Michael Jordan and a game of HORSE.  [Free Darko]
  • LeBron James has filed to switch his jersey number from #23 to #6.  Draft your July 1, 2010 conspiracy theories accordingly.  [Cleveland Plain Dealer]
  • Mike Leach’s wife has put his old Texas Tech stuff up for sale on Ebay.  Sweet.  [Sports by Brooks]
  • Netflix streaming capabilities could be coming to the iPhone.  [Hacking Netflix]
  • Some funny warning signs that you don’t see everyday.  [College Humor]
  • The popularity of Firefox continues to slide.  Personally, I use Firefox but am thinking of making the permanent switch to Google Chrome.  I hear Chrome has a Tumblr gadget that might be of some use to me.  [Computer World]

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