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Happy B-Day, Mr. Sorkin.  Thanks for The West Wing, bro.

There is a fake Twitter account for the new Community showrunners.  Because duh.

What I’ve been reading today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • I love Rashida Jones so it seemed appropriate to congratulate her for being named today’s Maxim girl of the day, whatever that means.  She is in the new Kevin Smith movie Cop Out unfortunately, which is getting horrific reviews.  But you should be watching her on the great NBC show, Parks and Recreation, which will return after the Olympic break.  Just so you know.  [Maxim]
  • It looks like the producers are being punished by the Academy for sending out e-mails encouraging colleagues to vote for the film to win the Best Picture Oscar this year.  Will this affect the film’s chances?  Probably not since most of the ballots were probably delivered by now.  [The Envelope]
  • More proof that the IOC is no fun: they are investigating the Canadian women’s hockey team and their gold medal winning celebration.  [Yahoo]
  • Speaking of women’s hockey, there is also chatter of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League exploring a partnership with the NHL.  [Fourth Place Medal]
  • I love curling and you love curling.  We know this.  But apparently it has become very popular on Wall Street as something to watch while unwinding after the closing bell.  We know these people watch CNBC.  [NY Times]
  • The Grizzlies have sent rookie center Hasheem Thabeet to the D-League after he lost the backup center job on the team to Hamed Haddadi.  The #2 draft pick is the highest draft pick to be relegated to the D-League.  My original projection of Thabeet being Samuel Dalembert might have been a bit too generous.  [Ridiculous Upside]
  • Angelina Jolie has turned down the chance to make Wanted 2.  Why is this great news?  Because she has now agreed to star in a space thriller made by the fantastic director of Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron.  [NY Mag]
  • Jaguars fans are demonstrating just how much they want their team to draft Tim Tebow.  [Sporting Blog]
  • The eight stages of beer drinking.  [Guyism]

What I’ve been reading today

Here is a collection of things that I came across through my RSS reader that I enjoyed the most.  Hey, something has to keep me busy at work.

  • Ranking the 35 best celebrity cheerleaders.  Of course FNL is included.  [Manofest]
  • My favorite writer, Dennis Lehane, talks about Shutter Island.  Really excited about the news that he will have a sixth installment of the Kenzie/Gennaro series coming out soon.  [Thompson on Hollywood]
  • More Shutter Island talk: can a surprise ending actually hurt a movie at the box office?  [LA Times]
  • Simmons with his usual crazy ideas on how to make improve the NBA.  These I like.  [Sports Guy’s World]
  • Twitter reaches a deal with Yahoo.  [Twitter]
  • Great story about the terrific and emotional performance delivered by figure skater Joannie Rochette after her mother’s sudden death.  [Vancouver Sun]
  • Making a case for why David Lee should be in the Knicks plans beyond this summer.  [NY Times]
  • How the internet and Twitter has become the new water cooler and how it actually can help TV ratings.  [NY Times]
  • A review of the early edition of Google Chrome OS and what it can mean going forward.  [Technology Review]
  • LOL: 22 awesome things that look like Yoda.  [Maxim]

Gawker.TV » The Late Night War Reaches Its Boiling Point: All the Clips You Missed

First Conan O’Brien says goodbye to NBC, and now Jay Leno might have one foot out the door as well. Oh, what a mess! Word is Jay is furious with the Peacock network for ‘Tonight’-gate (trademark!) and may soon walk.

(via The Daily What)

Something from something I watched today: The Office and the Ricky Gervais dance

Chuck Season 3 Preview

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes promo from NBC

That is a silly man.

Happy Festivus people

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