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Mashable: Is the iPad devouring the notebook market?

Flowchart: How you will shatter your iPad

via Gizmodo

Tough love for Flash.

via etre

Amazon Prime subscribers may see a free Kindle in their future

Via Techcrunch:

In January Amazon offered select customers a free Kindle os sorts – they had to pay for it, but if they didn’t like it they could get a full refund and keep the device. It turns out that was just a test run for a much more ambitious program. A reliable source tells us Amazon wants to give a free Kindle to every Amazon Prime subscriber.

Just as soon as they can work out how to do it without losing money.

Amazon Prime is a subscription product that gives customers free two day shipping on everything they buy from Amazon. The current fee is $79/year.

Someone is feeling the heat of the iPad.

iPhone users who love TV have reason to celebrate today: AT&T has announced that its 3G network will now support the SlingPlayer Mobile TV app. SlingPlayer is a service that allows users to watch live or digitally recorded television through the Internet. Up to now, that kind of live video streaming hasn’t been very functional through the AT&T’s 3G network. This development is significant for several reasons: it shows that AT&T is working to improve its network capabilities, it adds an additional dimension to the iPhone’s capabilities and it could make the iPad a little more attractive.

Probably good news for the future of the upcoming iPad.

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  • Ugly Betty gets cancelled….finally. [Sky News]
  • After that Tiger mess, golf is in uncertain times.  Is Phil Mickelson ready to step up and be the guy? [Telegraph]
  • 'But actually you can run barefoot on the world's hardest surfaces without the slightest discomfort and pain. It might be less injurious than the way some people run in shoes.'  Um…ok. [Sify News]

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